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Always for the right audience.

On the right channels.

At the right time.

In the right context.

We Are

Apex Porter Novelli, a Full-Service Public Relations and Strategic Communications Agency.

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Corporate Communications

We work with our clients to deliver communication and public relations programs that produce results that move the business needle of the organization forward.

Purpose-led Branding

We help our clients define their purpose, forge strategic partnerships that amplify and bring it to life in the experience of their customers. We do this by developing marketing strategies that live the purpose of the Brand.

Public, Social Good & Development

We design and implement well- meaning public service programs that get buy in from key stakeholders resulting in great successes.

Health & Wellness

Our health campaigns reach consumers, opinion leaders, the media and healthcare professionals with information on new drugs, new treatments, medical devices and emerging health issues. Key to our success is our ability to enlist health experts.

CSR & Sustainable Programs

We pin-point opportunities to our clients that create shared value; resulting in meaningful benefits to society while conferring an economic benefit to our client’s business.

Our News Updates

The APN COVID 19 Tracker

The COVID-19 Tracker by Apex Porter Novelli is a proprietary research study that explores the concerns of Kenyans’ during the COVID-19 period and their perception towards corporate entities’ social response to the pandemic.